Fed Square Apple Store 2.0: fails every test that matters

Australia has the big banana, big prawn and big merino, now we have the big iPad.

Fed Square Pty Ltd and the Andrews Government has shared with Melburnians refreshed designs for its Apple megastore in our public square. These images show an aerial view of the new proposal, a view from the river and a view from the balcony. However, the most important images - the views from within the Square - were omitted from the media release.

The Andrews Government and Apple have taken five months to respond to the significant design issues with the previous proposal. Yet the renders that have been released are substantially the same. They have simply swapped a “Pizza Hut Pagoda” for an “oversized iPad”, with a giant Apple logo permanently hovering over our public square.

Despite months of protests, Victorians continue to be left out of the Apple megastore decision making process. This proposal puts a corporation at the heart of our civic space and disregards the people who make our city special. It turns the demolished Yarra Building and the Square into a billboard for Apple. Looking at Fed Square from Eureka Tower, Flinders Street Station or within the Square itself, our Fed Square will be permanently branded as Apple Square.

President of Citizens for Melbourne Tania Davidge says,

  • “The redesign of the Apple store at Fed Square doesn’t address the key problem with the proposal: the complete disregard for the Victorian people in shaping our public square.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how many times Apple redesigns its megastore, Federation Square is still the wrong place for an Apple Store.”
  • “Victorians would not support a giant iPad in the Botanic Gardens or at the National Gallery of Victoria. Why does the Government think that Victorians would be happy to sell out what makes Melbourne great?”

The only way forward is for the Andrews Government to scrap its plans for the Apple store in Fed Square.

Citizens for Melbourne call on Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to defend Fed Square as a Liberal Party legacy and commit to a public process for finding a site elsewhere in the Melbourne CBD for an Apple flagship location.

Citizens for Melbourne continues its campaign for the future Fed Square as a public space.


Spokesperson Brett de Hoedt is available on 0414 713 802.


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