Take Our City, Our Square to the Streets of Melbourne!

Act now for Fed Square by supporting our poster campaign.

Donate for the Future of Fed Square

The State Government could abandon the dodgy deal that gifts our public square to Apple by excercising the escape clause in the secret contact.

Join the fight for Fed Square by sponsoring a poster: we'll arrange to have these bill posted on walls across our city!

Every poster that appears on Melbourne's streets brings us one step closer to making sure Fed Square does not become Apple Square.

Every day that Fed Square appears in the news or on social media brings us one step closer to the dumping of the rotten Apple plan.

Let's Post Some Bills for Fed Square!

$15 funds 1 poster for Fed Square.

$60 funds 4 posters for Fed Square.

$110 funds 8 posters for Fed Square.

$250 funds 20 posters for Fed Square.

$500 funds 50 posters for Fed Square.

The more support we receive, the more bills we'll post!

Poster designs above are indicative.

Why support Our City, Our Square? 

If you believe in Fed Square's future as a public space, we need your help!

Apple has deep pockets, an unlimited PR budget and political lobbyists.

Apple's supporters within the Andrews Government and Fed Square management are not listening to the people.

Together, we can make the voices of the citizens heard and defeat this crazy plan to corporatise Fed Square.

Our City, Our Square is run by a group of passionate volunteers called Citizens for Melbourne Inc.

But we have limited resources and are not paid for our time.

We are doing this because, like you, we love our city and our square! 

Every cent donated goes to support our public space advocacy.

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We also accept Paypal in addition to our default payment processor Stripe.

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Citizens for Melbourne Inc. takes seriously its duty of care in fundraising and will make available its annual financial reports to its donors.

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