Take Action for Fed Square

Send an email to the Liberal and Labor decision makers and tell them an Apple megastore doesn't belong at Fed Square

I support #FedSquareNotAppleSquare. It's #OurCityOurSquare.

The Labor Victorian Government party could prevent an Apple megastore from being built in Fed Square.

Premier Daniel Andrews must take a stand against Apple and Fed Square management.

It would be a win for Fed Square and for everyone that opposes this Apple megastore.

Email Premier Daniel Andrews <daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au> the following message:

Dear Premier Andrews,

I write in support of Fed Square.

An Apple megastore does not belong in our public square.

I urge you to use your power to stop Apple and Fed Square management from building this megastore in Fed Square.

Let's find a place outside Fed Square for an Apple store: elsewhere in Melbourne's CBD and this time with genuine public consultation.

Listen to the citizens, and cancel this project.

This is — Our City, Our Square

Tell our Victorian Parliament to put partisan politics aside, to stand with the citizens — for our city and our Fed Square. (And don't forget to share with your friends.)