Send an email to the Liberal and Labor decision makers and tell them an Apple megastore doesn't belong at Fed Square



The Labor Victorian Government party could prevent an Apple megastore from being built in Fed Square.

Premier Daniel Andrews must take a stand against Apple and Fed Square management.

It would be a win for Fed Square and for everyone that opposes this Apple megastore.

Email Premier Daniel Andrews <> the following message:

Dear Premier Andrews,

I write in support of Fed Square.

An Apple megastore does not belong in our public square.

I urge you to use your power to stop Apple and Fed Square management from building this megastore in Fed Square.

Let's find a place outside Fed Square for an Apple store: elsewhere in Melbourne's CBD and this time with genuine public consultation.

Listen to the citizens, and cancel this project.

This is — Our City, Our Square

Tell our Victorian Parliament to put partisan politics aside, to stand with the citizens — for our city and our Fed Square. (And don't forget to share with your friends.)