News from the campaign

Rally for Fed Square NOT Apple Square

With around 200 people at the rally - it was a fantastic success! Continue reading

Liberal Party commits to Fed Square as Victoria’s Public Square

Today, Matthew Guy committed to a future for Fed Square without an Apple store. Continue reading

Christmas comes early for Fed Square with a 4-month heritage protection order

The decision by Heritage Victoria on 21 August 2018 to apply an Interim Protection Order (IPO) to Federation Square gives Victoria’s public, cultural and civic heart a much-needed reprieve until late December 2018. Continue reading

Fed Square Apple Store 2.0: fails every test that matters

Australia has the big banana, big prawn and big merino, now we have the big iPad. Continue reading

Our Fed Square Not Apple Square Poster Campaign

Citizens for Melbourne Inc. launches its #FedSquareNotAppleSquare poster campaign, kicking off the next phase for Our City, Our Square and the fight for Fed Square! Continue reading

Take #OurCityOurSquare to the Streets of Melbourne!

Today, we launch our Poster Campaign for Fed Square! That's because the fight for Fed Square is not over. According to The Age, there's an escape clause in the secret contact that the Premier could exercise to abandon the rotten Apple plan. Continue reading

Next Steps in the fight for Fed Square's future

  Our mission as advocates for quality public spaces is clearly more urgent than ever Continue reading

[MEDIA RELEASE] Our City, Our Square Week 2: Where’s the vision for Fed Square?

As Melburnians recover from White Night, Our City, Our Square is regrouping for another week of campaigning, following our successful launch last Tuesday morning. The campaign offers a vision for Fed Square: as a public space not incorporating an Apple megastore. It has facilitated over 300 letters to Premier Daniel Andrews, Planning Minister Richard Wynne and other political decision makers. The campaign is liaising with many critics of the proposal. Continue reading

[MEDIA RELEASE] Andrews Government responds to Apple megastore backlash with empty gesture

Tonight, the Department of the Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) announced the establishment of a Steering Committee and design principles to guide the design development of the Apple megastore at Federation Square. Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s approval for an Apple megastore at Fed Square from 20 December 2017 remains in place. Victorians continue to be left out of the Apple megastore decision making process. Continue reading