News from the campaign

$40-million public crowdfunding campaign launched for Fed Square

With only 72-hours left for you to oppose Apple's demolition permit for Fed Square, our record-breaking $40-million crowdfunding campaign to outbid Apple’s offer for Fed Square’s Yarra Building is our last-ditch attempt to save our city and our public square. Fed Square needs just 70 cents per Victorian per year to avoid Apple's wrecking ball – so let's bid to buy-back our public space. If every Victorian contributes just $7, Fed Square can stay as our city's public square for at least the next decade! Head to our Crowdfunding-partner Pozible to pledge $7 and support the public buy-back of Fed Square. Don't forget to make a heritage submission to oppose Apple's demolition permit for Fed Square before Wednesday. Continue reading

Apple retail chief resigns: What does this mean for Fed Square and Melbourne?

In a shock announcement Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has announced her imminent departure from Apple. This comes only a week after hosting an Australian journalist in Cupertino, California to tout her ‘Town Square’ strategy for Melbourne. Continue reading

Apple applies for Fed Square demolition permit

The Apple wrecking ball is moments away from hitting Continue reading

Rally for Fed Square NOT Apple Square

With around 200 people at the rally - it was a fantastic success! Continue reading

Liberal Party commits to Fed Square as Victoria’s Public Square

Today, Matthew Guy committed to a future for Fed Square without an Apple store. Continue reading

Christmas comes early for Fed Square with a 4-month heritage protection order

The decision by Heritage Victoria on 21 August 2018 to apply an Interim Protection Order (IPO) to Federation Square gives Victoria’s public, cultural and civic heart a much-needed reprieve until late December 2018. Continue reading

Fed Square Apple Store 2.0: fails every test that matters

Australia has the big banana, big prawn and big merino, now we have the big iPad. Continue reading

Our Fed Square Not Apple Square Poster Campaign

Citizens for Melbourne Inc. launches its #FedSquareNotAppleSquare poster campaign, kicking off the next phase for Our City, Our Square and the fight for Fed Square! Continue reading

Take #OurCityOurSquare to the Streets of Melbourne!

Today, we launch our Poster Campaign for Fed Square! That's because the fight for Fed Square is not over. According to The Age, there's an escape clause in the secret contact that the Premier could exercise to abandon the rotten Apple plan. Continue reading