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[MEDIA RELEASE] Andrews Government responds to Apple megastore backlash with empty gesture

Tonight, the Department of the Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) announced the establishment of a Steering Committee and design principles to guide the design development of the Apple megastore at Federation Square.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s approval for an Apple megastore at Fed Square from 20 December 2017 remains in place.

Victorians continue to be left out of the Apple megastore decision making process.

President of Citizens for Melbourne Tania Davidge says, “The announcement is a procedural response to the City of Melbourne. Otherwise nothing changes: the Andrews Government still intends to build an Apple store in the middle of Fed Square.”

Davidge adds, “Of course a project of this significance requires both a Steering Committee and robust design principles to guide it. However, this still does not address the fact that that the community needs to be consulted on this project in a genuine and meaningful way.”

Davidge adds, “The announcement is simply an attempt to deflect growing public criticism. We would like to see the Andrews Government commit to working alongside the community to find an alternative location for Apple outside Fed Square.”

Citizens for Melbourne believes the only way forward is for the Andrews Government to scrap its plans for an Apple megastore at Fed Square.

Citizens for Melbourne calls on Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to defend Fed Square as a Liberal Party legacy and commit to a public process for finding a site elsewhere in the Melbourne CBD for an Apple flagship location.

Citizens for Melbourne continues its campaign for the future of Fed Square as a public space.

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Spokesperson Brett de Hoedt is available on 0414 713 802.