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[MEDIA RELEASE] Andrews Government: Debate audience says no Apple megastore. A panini isn’t for Fed Square.

Last night, 300 audience members and many more people on social media joined the Open House Melbourne Debate over the future of Fed Square. Few new details emerged, except that the public have not seen the latest version of the Apple megastore.

The secret new plans, which Apple and the Andrews Government still refuse to make public, may look different in the architectural renders. But the project decision makers have not alleviated any of the substantive concerns raised by Citizens for Melbourne since our campaign launch yesterday.

President of Citizens for Melbourne, Tania Davidge says, “The people have been and continue to be sidelined by the Andrews Government and Fed Square management.”

Davidge on the debate, “Last night, people voted loudly and clearly against the Andrews Government’s plan to put an Apple megastore in Fed Square.”

Davidge on Fed Square Pty Ltd, “If the State Government and Fed Square management intends to reshape our public square for the twenty-first century, a public, open, transparent and genuine consultative process is required.”

Davidge on Fed Square funding, “As our city’s public square, Fed Square should receive enough government funding that it doesn’t have to rely on corporate dollars.”

Citizens for Melbourne takes the view that the entire project must start again: from site selection to architectural design to project construction. And this time Victorians must be involved in every stage of the process.

The Our City, Our Square campaign is resonating with the public. Over 100 citizens have already written to Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition Leader Matthew Guy calling on them to scrap the current Apple megastore and find another Melbourne CBD site.

Convener James Lesh editorialises, “If the audience at Fed Square and on social media had their way, the Apple megastore would’ve been scrapped at 8:18PM last night. “

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Tania Davidge is available for interviews today via

For further details on the campaign and its progress, contact spokesperson Brett de Hoedt on 0414 713 802.