ArchiTeam speaks out against Apple at Federation Square

ArchiTeam Cooperative, which boasts a membership base of over 600 architecture practices, has come out strongly in opposition to the Apple Federation Square plan.

In their press release, Architeam note that: "the demolition of the Yarra Building at Federation Square and construction of an Apple flagship store in its place disregards the built context of the square, attacks the values of Melbourne’s most important civic space and alarmingly corporatises the public realm."


Take a look at the full statement here


Key Quotes


“The Apple concept store is a terrible decision, a complete waste of an existing building that frames the Federation Square plaza beautifully.”
– Anthony Windust, Windust Architects

“This is so outrageous on so many levels, our planning minister appears eager to please developers at our expense.”
– Fooi-Ling Khoo, Oof! Architects

“We deserve to have our cultural institutions and public places, regardless of their age, protected for the use and enjoyment of future generations.”
– Redmond Hamlett, Woollan Hamlett Architects

“The Apple concept store is an inappropriate commercialisation of a public space by a multinational conglomerate that incidentally avoids its social responsibility by avoiding paying tax in Australia.”
– Matthew Green, OMG Architects