We launched a $40 million crowdfunding campaign on Sunday February 10 at - where else? - Fed Square. Our media release explains it rather nicely.

$40 million crowdfunding campaign launched to “Buy Back Fed Square”

An audacious $40 million crowdfunding campaign to outbid Apple’s offer for Fed Square’s Yarra Building to protect it from demolition will be launched this Sunday at Fed Square.

“Ideally taxpayers would not have to fundraise to keep what is theirs,” said Brett de Hoedt, Our City, Our Square campaign spokesperson. “But given that our public square is clearly up for grabs, we thought we’d play the game by the government’s rules and simply purchase it. We want to buy it and protect it - Fed Square wants to bulldoze it. Fed Square’s CEO Jonathan Tribe should be protecting Fed Square from Apple – instead he is leading the charge to demolish it,” said Brett de Hoedt. “There’s a word for this – vandalism.’”

The launch gained major media coverage on Seven News, Sunrise, ABC-24, 3AW, SBS, The Age, The Guardian and many overseas outlets. Huge thanks to those who joined us.

To Those who Pledged

Supporters of crowdfunding campaigns don't make donations, they make pledges. Money is only collected if the target is reached. (In our case, $40 million.)

We are the people behind this crowdfunding campaign and we will never collect on your pledges. No money will be taken. It was all in a good cause - keeping our issue alive in the media - and it worked.

Note - depending on Heritage Victoria's decision we may have to raise serious funds at short notice. Stay tuned and keep your wallets close.

Check out our crowdfunding campaign.

Brett de Hoedt