City of Melbourne comes on board to fight the demolition of the Yarra Building

Tuesday March 5 was BIG. And in a good way.

Thanks to your 1100+ submissions the City of Melbourne overwhelmingly voted to request that Heritage Victoria reject Federation Square's permit application to demolish the Yarra Building and replace it with an Apple store. Thankyou!

CoM can't deny the permit application but this is another step in the right direction.  

Note - we are not currently asking for you to send any submissions or letters etc. Thus, the next time you see us asking your to sign / send / write it will be a fresh initiative so please get on board ASAP. Your response, speed of response and willingness to recruit friends is vital. Put simply - size (of response) matters.

So what next?

1. We wait and hope that Fed Square's demolition permit is refused. Note - if granted, the demolition permit will give Fed Square permission to knock down it's own building even though it is due for possible Heritage listing in April! 

If the permit is denied and the Yarra Building is still standing we then turn our attention to #2.

2. The Heritage Council will conduct hearings in April to decide if Federation Square is to be added to the Heritage Register. We are preparing our submission and hope their decision is YES!

We keep winning the battles, let's hope we can win the war.

Brett de Hoedt