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Time to claim victory in the Our City, Our Square campaign

Apple has shelved plans to build a retail store in Federation Square following the decision of Heritage Victoria to refuse Federation Square management’s request for a demolition permit.

Ackowledging that the Apple store will now not be built, the State Government has announced a review of Federation Square promising more public consultation.

The Executive Director of Heritage Victoria, Steven Avery has today refused to issue a permit to allow Fed

Square management to demolish its own Yarra building and replace it with an Apple megastore.

Mr Avery makes Heritage Victoria’s opposition to the permit clear. He writes “If the application were

approved, and the Yarra Building demolished and replaced with the proposed building, it would result in

an unacceptable and irreversible detrimental impact on the cultural heritage significance of Federation


Tania Davidge, President of Citizens for Melbourne, says:

“This is such wonderful news for Fed Square and a win for the community. The Apple store

proposal would have changed not only Fed Square's physical form but also its character - it

would have undermined its civic and cultural purpose. Melbourne without a town square is

Melbourne without a civic heart. “

“Public spaces of the significance of Fed Square do not come along everyday. It's important to

fight for what we value. All Victorians will now have the opportunity to contribute to the

conversation on Fed Square’s future.”

Dr James Lesh, heritage researcher and co-founder of the Our City, Our Square campaign:

“Heritage Victoria deserve praise for conserving Fed Square for the right reasons. Melburnians

can now boast a public square that will be with us for generations to come. This is a heritage we

should all be proud of.”

Citizens for Melbourne Vice President was blunt: “A bunch of volunteers and the people of Melbourne just defeated a trillion dollar corporation. The poor bastards never stood a chance.”

Citizens for Melbourne facilitated more than 2,300 submissions objecting to the Apple demolition permit


The Heritage Council of Victoria will finalise the heritage listing of Fed Square over the next few weeks.

This follows a recommendation from Heritage Victoria that Fed Square should be added to the Victorian

Heritage Register. Hearings are scheduled for 15, 16 and 17 April.

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President Tania Davidge is available on 0412 906 303‬.

Brett de Hoedt