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Next Steps in the fight for Fed Square's future


Our mission as advocates for quality public spaces is clearly more urgent than ever

The result in Parliament was a setback for Fed Square, for public space in Melbourne, and for all Victorians.

In sum – the Greens motion to revoke planning approval for the Apple megastore was unsuccessful.

The Labor Party filibustered for 60 minutes. The Liberal Party criticised the process, but did not support the motion.

What next for public space at Fed Square?

We'll be in touch about how you can continue to help Fed Square and prevent this Apple megastore.

We have a few ideas up our sleeves.

But right now – are you or your organisation willing to go on the record?

Please send us an email:

Thank you to everyone that took action

We may not have gotten over the line. But we certainly rattled our politicians. 

Together, we have put public space firmly on the agenda.

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