People’s Plan for Fed Square

After speaking with hundreds of Victorians, we’ve prepared a People’s Plan for Fed Square.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve loved hearing from people who believe in the importance of public space.

It’s Our City. It’s Our Square. It’s Our Plan.

Let's tell the State Government we want to enjoy Fed Square without it being dominated by an Apple megastore.

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People’s Plan for Fed Square

We call on the Victorian State Government to work with the people of Victoria to develop a comprehensive civic and cultural vision for Fed Square to ensure its continued success as our most significant public space.

To achieve this, Citizens for Melbourne and the Our City, Our Square campaign calls on the State Government to commit to —


AND commit to —

Our five‑point plan

  1. Review and strengthen the Civic and Cultural Charter to place civic and cultural activity — NOT commercial activity — at the heart of Fed Square.
  2. Establish a People’s Panel of independent citizens to give the community a voice in Fed Square’s future.
  3. Review Fed Square’s funding to ensure its continued ability to provide the people of Victoria and the city of Melbourne with an internationally recognised public square that places civic and cultural activity first.
  4. Review Fed Square’s board and management structure to ensure Fed Square has professional expertise suited to its civic and cultural role.
  5. Prepare design and heritage management plans to guide future development at Fed Square and ensure it is consistent with Fed Square’s significant heritage value as a public, civic and cultural place.

These five common-sense actions are the only way to ensure Fed Square maintains its role as an innovative and inspirational public space.

Citizens for Melbourne acknowledges that Federation Square stands on the lands of the Kulin nations. We respect their traditions and support Indigenous voices as integral to the ongoing civic and cultural expression of Federation Square.

Download our People’s Plan.

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