The case against an Apple megastore is overwhelming

Why #OurCityOurSquare?

As Melbourne’s most important civic meeting place, Fed Square belongs to all Victorians.






disregards the people

The citizens of Victoria have been denied any opportunity to have a say in this decision.

Any changes to our public spaces must undergo a genuine public consultation process.

undermines Fed Square's role as our Civic Square

 You go to an Apple store to buy products. You don't go to an Apple store to to watch sport on the big screen, to meet friends over a drink and a bite to eat, or to see an exhibition or cultural performance.

This decision represents an opportunistic corporate takeover of Melbourne's civic heart and soul.

diamond heart

diamond heart

ignores Fed Square's Charter

Fed Square operates under a Civic and Cultural Charter. It ensures Fed Square reflects "Melbourne’s cultural diversity" and gives back to the people of Victoria. That's why Fed Square has worked so well.

The charter does not support the type of retail offering that Apple represents.

pays no respect to Fed Square's design

The proposed store is at odds with the unique architecture of Fed Square and its purpose as a public gathering place.

We are destroying our urban and cultural heritage.

Yarra building

diamond heart

does nothing for sustainability

The replacement of a building only 15 years old by one with an unknown lifespan and undefined future is wasteful.

sets a dangerous precedent

If Victoria's premiere civic space can be taken over by Apple, what other public spaces might corporations take next?

How long until our parks, sports grounds and other cultural institutions are handed over to corporations in secret deals?



uses financial “losses” as an excuse for a failed management model

The operational costs of our Civic Square should not be met by a corporate lease.

The government funds public spaces like sporting grounds, parks and gardens, public libraries and cultural institutions.

They should continue to fund Fed Square.